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Becoming a work of art

Batik makes getting dressed a work of art. Being designed by artists who never repeat their design, wearing it truly transforms one into  a one of a kind masterpiece. In this section you will find some beautiful unique items to accessories from scarves to bags, clothes and even the occasional hat. Styles ranging from Beach wear for both adults & children as well as designs made for more elegant occasions.

Batik is so versatile and beautiful there are so many different styles to create and I tend to create whatever happens to inspire me at the time, so you will find quite a variety to choose from.
As in all the batik on my site, the material is 100% Egyptian cotton, freehand, one of a kind designs made by the famous artists of the Wissa Wassef art centre ( The artists never repeat their designs so each item I create using their material is one of a kind too.
The batik is dyed using fast fixed colours so it won't fade after washing.


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